Thursday, July 25, 2013

The healing or awareness crisis: What is it and how can you move through it?

The often ignored or rarely discussed phenomenon known as a healing crisis or awareness crisis is something that people who use flower essences or partake in other types of healing work are familiar with. A healing/awareness crisis is a situation in which the person taking the flower essence will often feel exacerbated symptoms of the very issue he or she is trying to resolve using the flower essence. An example of this is discussed in this article.

Flower essences bring an undeniable clarity to a situation where it brings to the surface anything about the particular issue being dealt with that was hidden or submerged. With this new level of clarity, it is really difficult to pretend that the issue doesn't exist and often times the person is led to take some action. When an issue involves more than one person, what often happens is that the flower essence works on the energetic level and shifts are made. Other people around this person may feel that something is different even though there is no physical evidence they can point to. Subsequently, the behavior of others around the person may change (sometimes in a positive way and sometimes in a negative way).

More often than not, with any type of healing, what happens is that the person doing a lot of healing work on themselves shifts their energy to a much higher level; before he or she changes their conscious behavior, this energy shift is felt by others and triggers their issues. This discomfort in others often results in them lashing out for things that don't make rational sense. If you feel like you are facing arguments that hold no rational meaning or if you feel unfairly picked on or bullied, there is a very good chance that others around you aren't taking responsibility for themselves. It is not your fault. Your new, fresh energy can no longer hold a place for their negativity. You might wonder how in the world they are able to sense that when you haven't changed the way you interact. Energy healing is very powerful. If you walk into a home with a lot of negative energy, you can often feel it before you can identify any evidence. Similarly, someone who is used to a certain level of negativity actually struggles with positive energy. If someone is bitter and angry, being around energy that is positive sets them off even more. You are in no way responsible for that, but it is a warning to you that flower essences (or any other type of energy healing) are powerful and they will unearth and clear away old patterns.

If you are going through a healing or awareness crisis you have several choices. Some of those options are discussed in the article linked here. If the issue you are dealing with had something to do with those around you, some ways of handling the situation are to give yourself some space from those who are reacting negatively; talking won't necessarily solve something that isn't necessarily rational. For example, if you are doing self-acceptance work and it is in someone's best interest that you have low self-worth so they can control you, the minute the other person senses a new energy from you that appears more self-confident and self-assured, their fear of losing control over you is triggered. It doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong; it means that the situation of control can no longer remain the same. The other person may or may not choose to work on their own issues. In the meantime, you will either spend less time around that person or you will make a decision to completely stop interacting with them. You may also choose to slow down the process by stopping flower essence therapy and other healing methods until you can make conscious changes to your environment.

Healing using any modality creates change. Change in and of itself is not a bad thing; however, our mechanism for integrating change is important to long-term life satisfaction. Once we have a certain level of clarity, we will attract people and situations in line with our new energetic blueprint. We will no longer be operating from a place of childhood patterns or victimhood.

Not everyone experiences a healing crisis every time they take a flower essence or do healing work. This is just something to be aware of when you feel frustrated that things seem to be getting worse before they get better. With some support, love, and a new perspective, you will most likely continue on your healing journey and notice that your life improves a great deal. Unfortunately, in order for new people and opportunities to come into your life, you may have to leave behind situations that you have outgrown. Follow your heart and make these changes with compassion and calmness. Do not do things in haste or out of retaliation or anger. Allow yourself time to integrate the changes and make choices from a place of empowerment. You are responsible for yourself; those who truly respect you will allow you to change and they will deal with their own issues and triggers with maturity. Those who have controlled you, bullied you, or expect you to follow their command will no longer be able to handle being around you and your new boundaries until and unless they find a new way to relate. Give yourself the gift of freedom and healing by following through on what feels right to you while respectfully and consciously untangling yourself from drama and chaos.

Since the process itself can be rocky, you may consider taking one of the following flower essences for the healing crisis itself. Some flower essences suggested for a healing crisis are: Aloe Flower Essence, Crisis-Desert Emergency Formula, Desert Jointfir Flower Essence, and Zephyr Lily Flower Essence. You may also consider taking Bach Flower Rescue Remedy.

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