Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Manifest Life Purpose with Flower Essences

Hi Flower Essence Enthusiasts, Today, I want to address the topic of life purpose. It normally seems like a heavy, serious topic, but right now I want to focus on the lighter, playful qualities of it. Many of us have been led along one path or another for various reasons from daily practical ones to those of tradition and every other reason in between. Some of us equate life purpose with making a living. For others, a life purpose seems too frivolous to consider at a time when we are focused on the urgent matters of day-to-day living. All of these are valid thoughts and feelings. I like to define life purpose not as a singular goal to reach and accomplish but as the spark that inspires a way of being; the origin of the spark may change, but the overarching idea is that the spark at each point in life further enhances the desire to fully embody oneself and express his/her innate gifts. If we define life purpose in this way, then we can focus on the lighter, playful qualities of imagination, inspiration, and passion. We can throw in adventure, curiosity, and openness. We can add love and stir to create a delicious, life-affirming experience. Even without knowing specific details about what to do, how to explore, or when to start doing something, we can commit to the idea of being one with our individual life purpose. Flower essences are the perfect partners through this process. A company called Mama Love has a product called "Mama Love for Manifesting Life Purpose" that contains a blend of flower essences combined with essential oils in an organic jojoba oil base. The flower essences and essential oils are selected based on the idea of sparking the imagination and helping provide clarity. To learn more about this product and how you can use it to help you manifest your life purpose with the support of flower essences, check out the Mama Love website. Plan on leaving a comment in the Comments section by clicking on the blog post title to update us on how quickly you started noticing inspiration and synchronicities!

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