Saturday, June 1, 2013

Using Bach Flower remedies on various points on the body

Flower essences can be used in many different ways. Typically, most flower essence practitioners recommend take several drops of a flower essence orally a few times a day. Some flower essences come in spray bottles. Bach's Rescue Remedy comes in several different forms including in a bottle with a dropper, a spray, gum, and pastilles which are like a candy that can be eaten.

Flower essences can also be used topically on the body and absorbed through the skin. Bach Flower Massage, a book by Daneiel Lo Rito talks about using different Bach Flower remedies on different points on the body.

In this video, Robert Labensart shares the story of someone who noticed changes within 3 applications of a homeopathic preparation of a Bach Flower remedy applied on various points on her body. The resulting change yielded a drastic improvement in the type of relationship she attracted. Watch the video below to learn more.

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