Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dreaming of success: The one key factor that keeps you a step away

Today I want to write about the one key factor that gets in the way of success every time. No matter what endeavor you embark on, there is one thing that can keep you at arms length from what you desire. That one thing is self-sabotage. It is not often talked about in professional circles, but plays a critical role in who succeeds and who doesn't. As a society, we talk about effort, merit, and even luck, but we seldom delve into the realm of emotions, where self-sabotage lurks. Self-sabotage isn't easy to spot either. It's not something that shows up like a billboard or a street sign. It often lies dormant until we are one step away from what we want. It can appear as procrastination, a cold, bad weather, or even as a distraction. For some people, it isn't one event that derails them from success. It is a pattern of events gone wrong and resources disappearing. It is inconveniences, difficulties, and downright stubborn and nearly impassible hurdles.

Self-sabotage appears to be from outside of ourselves, and in some energy healing circles is thought of as repressed emotions and past fears attracting the very things we are trying to avoid or overcome. For anyone who has ever tried to use effort and energy to overcome difficulties in their lives and seen the difficulties persist or increase, you may find that flower essences are just what you need.

Flower essences offer a gentle, yet powerful way to get to the root of the cause of self-sabotage whether it is a childhood fear of success because of difficult family circumstances that reinforced the idea that succeeding meant being ostracized from the family or a deeply-ingrained belief that becoming successful means losing valuable friendships. Flower essences illuminate the thoughts behind the self-sabotage and clean away false beliefs while bringing to light the very real circumstances that might be an issue that needs to be addressed by taking certain actions in the present. Flower essences can also provide a sense of comfort and support through the process of evaluating what works and what doesn't work in your present circumstance. Once the cause of the self-sabotage is revealed, it is much easier to make empowering decisions. For some examples of flower essences for self-sabotage, click here. With the help of flower essences, you'll be able to start noticing differences in your outer circumstances and soon you'll be succeeding on your terms instead of being a step away.


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