How to Select a Flower Essence

Whether you are a newcomer to flower essences or a flower essence practitioner, knowing how to select the right flower essence for yourself is invaluable. Selecting a flower essence is an art. It involves a healthy dose of intuition, an ability to experimenting with several different brands and types of flower essences and learning to interpret the descriptions of flower essences. However, with a little practice, you can become quite adept at selecting the flower essences that provide you the greatest benefit when you need it most.

Let's walk through an example of how to select a flower essence for yourself. Start off by writing down the issue or issues you want to deal with. Journal for a few minutes and write out everything about the problem as clearly as you can along with how this problem makes you feel. Put it aside and come back to it in a few minutes. Read through your description and circle keywords such as frustration, anger, boredom, etc. If you can't find specific keywords, try to summarize the gist of the issue as if you were telling your friend what you are feeling. If you don't sense any strong emotions around the issue, you may want to pick something else to work on, or you may want to figure out if you are actually hiding how you feel from yourself. Are you denying some very strong feelings? Once you can isolate several key feelings, look through the different flower essence brands websites listed on this blog. Read the descriptions of the different flower essences and see if any of them resonate with your particular issue. Jot down several from a handful of websites.

Some websites allow you to select flower essences based on photos of flowers you are drawn to. This allows you to intuitively pick what you are drawn to before reading the description of what the flower essence works for. Try this method to see if you are able to identify a flower essence that really calls out to you.

Once you have a list of 5-6 flower essences, narrow it down to 1-2 essences. Read about the flower essence brand and see how they create their flower essences. Purchase 1-2 flower essences or a combination essence that features the flower essences you have identified. Take the flower essences as instructed on the label. Keep note of how you over the time you take the flower essence (e.g. for 3-4 weeks). If you start noticing that a certain brand of flower essence seems more powerful than another, you may want to note that for future purposes. On the other hand, many times, people try all different flower essence brands for the unique flower essences each one offers.

You may also choose to consult a flower essence practitioner. Flower essence practitioners are highly skilled, often intuitive consultants who offer the added benefit of a listening ear and years of experience helping identify the best flower essences for their clients. Many practitioners also customize blends for their clients, saving you time, effort, and money.

Flower essences can be used on a one-time basis, but more often than not, once someone sees a tangible benefit, they are often drawn to delving deeper. Many people find themselves using flower essences for years, not because they don't work but because they work so well that people use them for a variety of different issues that come up throughout the many stages of life. Like any regimen such as exercise or nutrition, flower essences can serve as a tool for emotional and spiritual well-being throughout life.

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