Friday, July 12, 2013

How to deal with a difficult person or situation using flower essences

Do you ever feel trapped in an unpleasant situation and just can't seem to get free of it? Are you a self-development expert who can't understand why all of your efforts seem to be in vain when it comes to this one very sticky, very annoying situation? Here are some approaches with flower essences that may just be what you need.

Whether you are frustrated about an annoying boss, a negative co-worker, a bullying teammate, or a friend or family member that is picking on you or teasing you excessively, you can try the following flower essences to help alleviate the issue not just in the short-term but to transform the interaction entirely so you are not faced with the same issue over and over again. Just to note, this is only for frustrating or annoying situations and not issues of abuse, harassment, etc. For those types of matters, please consult the appropriate professional immediately.

Before we list the specific flower essences, let's figure out the distinct parts of the annoying situation. One part is the persistent nature of this annoyance. It seems to be a repeated annoyance every time you interact with a particular person. Another aspect is that the issue is part of some routine part of your life and because of that, you are unable to or do not want to consciously break free of interacting with this person either because of a job, a familial relationship, long-term friendship, sports team or activity group, etc. Another part to the problem is that you seem to be singled out so that the issue is something you face alone or with just a few people as opposed to mass oppression in cases like oppressive regimes, conditions of war, etc. Those types of situations require greater resources and professional help; please seek out appropriate help and professional care in those circumstances.

Here are 3 Bach Flower Essences that can be used together to address annoying/frustrating situations:

1. Bach Flower Remedy Chestnut Bud
2. Bach Flower Remedy White Chestnut
3. Bach Flower Remedy Centaury

Though each of these flower essences can be used for a variety of issues, in this case, we have selected Chestnut Bud to illuminate the areas in which one finds themselves repeatedly in the same situations. White Chestnut is used to help alleviate repeated thoughts that continue to play over and over again like a broken record. Breaking out of that thought pattern allows one to see the situation with a new perspective and also relieve the stress of unwanted thoughts repeating themselves indefinitely. Centaury is used here to help restore one's individual power. In situations where someone is being picked on, one may feel powerless to do anything about the situation. By fortifying one's power from the inside, this new vibration will help create an invisible boundary of energy that makes it harder if not impossible to be singled out or picked on.

Some situations may be more complex and require a consult with a flower essence practitioner to address unique circumstances or longer-term underlying issues that need to be dealt with using other flower essences. For simple cases where it seems that everyday life would improve dramatically if one particular annoying situation could be alleviated, these 3 flower essences may just be the answer you are looking for. You can create your own personal blend by adding several drops of each of these essences into a bottle of water and sipping from this bottle of water throughout the day. Some flower essence practitioners have described this method using the image of a hammer tapping away at the issue each time this water is sipped. With many persistent taps throughout the day, the problem or issue crumbles. This might be a more effective method than taking the flower essences only 3 times a day. If you were to sip from the bottle throughout the day, you would be imbibing the energy of the essences 10 or more times per day. This persistence with the issue may be just what you need to deal with an equally persistent, annoying situation. To figure out how many drops of each essence to put in a bottle of water, click here.

Flower essences are powerful; if you are going to try this for a situation you are dealing with, be aware that within the first few days, the situation may become exaggerated and you may find yourself feeling even more frustrated as the situation comes to a turning point. At this point, you might find yourself in a heated discussion with the person or a breaking point with the situation. You must be prepared to be completely honest with yourself that you want to find a solution to the issue and take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. If you are not ready for this, stop taking the flower essences or for a gentler approach take the flower essences once a day or once every few days. However, you may also find that when you take the flower essences, you are easily able to stop thinking about the annoyance and the person that would usually pick on you may just stop their behavior because they sense a different energy around you though you might not be doing anything differently on a conscious level.

It is hard to predict exactly how a situation pans out, but flower essences usually bring about some change. The process can sometimes feel difficult because the process of change itself can feel difficult. However, if you are ready for more awareness in a situation, flower essences definitely bring issues to light. Each individual's particular experience with them will really depend on how many other issues exist in the background. If you have done a great deal of personal development work and have been using flower essences for a while, many of the shifts may feel fairly gentle since a lot of major issues have been cleared. However, if you have always stuffed away your emotions and suppressed every instinct and feeling you have had, it may feel like any inner work feels like a trigger that could cause an inner volcano to erupt. Bach's Cherry Plum flower essence is great for the fear of losing control. If you use these flower essences for a few weeks, you are likely to notice some positive changes. With continued use of flower essences for a variety of issues, you'll clear out old patterns and start noticing life becoming easier, lighter, and more aligned.

Have you used any of these flower essences before? Do you use other flower essences for these issues? Click on the title of this post and leave us your thoughts in the Comments section.

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