Sunday, July 7, 2013

And the rest is history...

Have you ever heard someone tell a story and say, "and the rest is history"? Have you ever thought, that's the most important part - I want details, step-by-step instructions, or a line-by-line analysis? At Manifest with Flower Essences, we want to fill in the blanks. We want to share specifics about how to use flower essences to manifest what you want. We want to go from the part where nothing seems to work to where the most exciting things manifest in life and talk about specific steps and tools so you can reach that happily-ever-after place. Most manifesting coaches warn that there is no happily-ever-after place and that life is ever-changing and a journey that has ups and downs. I agree with those ideas, but have something else to add. I believe that it is possible to operate from different modes. I believe that an optimist experiences the world differently than a pessimist. I believe that a successful person experiences the world differently than an unsuccessful one. The interesting thing is that we all have those modes in us; the difference is which mode we tune into at a given time; it's not that certain people are successful and that others aren't, it's that certain people operate from a successful mindset more often than others. I believe that flower essences help us find and operate the switch that controls which mode we manifest from. For example, if someone is often successful with work projects but seldom experiencing success in the area of relationships, flower essences chosen for relationships can help that person tune into the frequency of success in relationships, helping the person make the choices of someone who is successful in relationships. This distinction is critical because it allows someone to be themselves but tune into a specific frequencies that are helpful without changing their specific likes and dislikes or changing their core.

Certain times we mention flower essences that might work for anyone who faces certain situations. At other times, we talk about certain scenarios but don't mention flower essences for those scenarios but instead mention working with a flower essence practitioner. This is because a flower essence practitioner can often get to the hidden root of the issue and suggest a flower essence that transforms the situation better than listing a handful of essences that might have some effect. At the same time, we want to allow you to explore the topic of flower essences here on this blog as much as possible and give you the resources to make your own informed decisions, so we will try to provide you with as many options as possible, and as you try different flower essences and tune into your own intuition, you will likely start noticing great results. Feel free to share your insights with our community and post any questions you might have. We have many wonderful flower essence practitioners in this community who are happy to answer questions and provide you with guidance to help you manifest the life you desire using flower essences.

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