Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Become a Manifesting Magnet using Flower Essences

Have you seen The Secret? Have you tried to manifest your desires but just can't seem to get results? Today we are reviewing 3 powerful flower essence blends / combinations that may help you become a manifesting magnet. According to many manifestation experts, the 3 key steps to manifesting are to visualize what you want, remove any obstacles or blocks, and take inspired action while staying open to receiving your desires.

The following flower essence blends/combinations help with all of those areas including inspiring creativity, helping clear obstacles by revealing subconscious blocks and illuminating healthier beliefs and options, and providing gentle support to take inspired action.

Tree Frog Farm's Manifest Essence Blend contains over 20 individual flower essences including Clary Sage to heighten ability to receive psychic insights, Camas Lily to communicate your desires more easily, and Osoberry to hold your higher purpose while staying grounded in day-to-day activities.

La Vie de la Rose's Perfected Manifestation© helps facilitate the translation of thoughtforms into physical manifestation. At the same time this formula helps illuminate and remove self-limiting beliefs, thus aiding the process of manifestation. Furthermore, Perfected Manifestation© helps heal parts of one's consciousness, removing impediments to the manifestation process.

Fox Mountain's Create Your World Flower Essence is a blend that helps manifest one's Soul's desires. It reminds us that we already have all the tools we need to manifest what we desire. This blend enhances one's connection to creativity and to life's gifts.

These powerful flower essence blends offer a synergetic combination of individual flower essences that work on many levels, clearing subconscious blocks, illuminating creativity, sparking inspired action, and offering grounding and gentle support. Share your successful manifestation stories with us by clicking on the title of this post.

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