Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The million dollar promise: Why our pursuit of the best keeps us from actually having it

Many manifestation methods focus on the big payoffs with headlines like "Manifest a million dollars" and "How to manifest your dream house, car, and more". When I started this blog, I wanted to focus on manifesting the inner qualities that create the life we have come to expect from having the million-dollar dream. I believe that it is possible to manifest many wonderful things, some of which are material in nature, but I want to place the emphasis on the idea that while we are in the process of manifesting those long-term goals, it's really important to focus on the qualities to make the here and now the life we want to live. Sometimes that means that sacrificing our precious energy on things we don't like with the intention of the possibility of having something in the future might not be the best strategy for most people.

I'm not judging what goals are worth manifesting and what goals aren't worth pursuing. The greatest gifts I have experienced through the use of flower essences have been the change in my inner climate; by that I mean the immediate and lasting changes that affect my day-to-day life including a deep sense of spirituality and peace, a greater connection to people around me, and many different small but very useful serendipitous events that make everyday life fun and exciting while illuminating the idea that we belong to this amazing, interconnected Universe.

What does all of this have to do with flower essences? As a blog about flower essences, Manifest with Flower Essences is focused on a longer-term approach to creating the type of inner emotional space that illuminates (or creates) the type of life that most people deeply crave - fulfilling relationships, purposeful careers, an abundance of good food, good conversation, enlivening entertainment, opportunities to give back and make a difference, and a deep spirituality that is about embracing a greater good and living a life that is in sync with principles that make our time on earth a reflection of our higher selves. As lofty a goal as that might seem, using the tools provided by nature such as flower essences that at the core vibrate at the energetic resonance of harmony might be the thing we need to help us create that inner space. Of course, I have the highest respect for time-honored traditions such as meditation and energy healing which have had a profound impact on many healing journeys. Alongside those are techniques such as EFT, Reiki, acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis, journaling, and many more. Flower essences are one of many great tools and work very well with all of these.

My understanding of flower essences until now is that on a short-term basis, each flower essence can yield immediate results for a specific issue. On a longer-term basis, flower essences selected for different issues work on a subconscious level bringing to light things we can experience and let go of. This emotional release keeps us from attracting situations that were resonating at the frequency of the problem, thus allowing us to get to a neutral place. If alongside the use of flower essences we practice visualization, we are imprinting the energy of what we desire, thus making manifestation easy and highly probable. The amazing thing about manifestation is that what we desire is a certain feeling that we equate to a certain thing. Our subconscious mind is great at attracting one of many possibilities that yields that feeling. Thus, once we start resonating at the vibration of fulfillment, excitement, love, etc., we are constantly attracting and manifesting many experiences that fit those qualities. The very fabric of our lives changes to the point where we are living the type of life we would have envisioned having if we had a million dollars, a dream home, a dream car, belonging to a specific club, having a particular job title, etc.

When we focus all of our energy purely on very specific external goals, we run the risk of making decisions that shortchange us in the short-term. We pursue the wrong things because we are told what should make us happy through societal expectations, commercials and advertisements, peer pressure, family pressure, etc. The danger in manifesting what we think we should want instead of what our hearts truly desire is that our short-term is spent pursuing things that may or may not manifest while our long-term happiness is dependent on actually liking what we manifest. When we define one option as the best, we don't check in to see if it is an authentic desire, and worse yet, we don't allow alternate realities.

I can't promise anyone else that they will experience what I have experienced, but from when I first started using flower essences for several years (alongside other modalities such as journaling, EFT, and hypnosis), I can say that the journey has been absolutely life-changing. Within the first few weeks, I started noticing immediate changes. Within 6 months, I started noticing major changes. Within 2 years, I felt like I had won the life lottery. Not a day goes by where I don't feel a deep sense of gratitude (not a forced gratitude that feels like guilt or emotionless run-of-the-mill lists). The type of gratitude I'm talking about is a feeling of "I can't believe how wonderful my life is". The irony is that I look around and notice that many of my material circumstances are exactly the same as from before I started using flower essences, I've experienced some very difficult transitions, and endured some deeply-saddening personal losses. Flower essences didn't transport me into a different world; it made me grateful and more deeply connected to the world we live in right here, right now. It gave me the courage and support to face tragic grief, empathy to forgive difficult situations, and a sense of magic from being able to manifest the type of everyday synchronicity that makes life easier and more enjoyable; from running into a friend just when you need her to the perfect parking spot when you need one these everyday magical moments are more profound than they appear. None of this might make sense to you, and I can understand that. It's hard to compete with million dollar promises. But one thing I can tell you is that there is nothing quite like feeling like you have won the life lottery right here, right now. It means that even if you are waiting to win the lottery, you'll be doing it from a much better inner space. I think that's worth as much if not more than a million dollars.

As I dig into and share the details of my journey with flower essences, I will feature specific essences that I have used in the past and how they helped me get where I am now. If you are a flower essence practitioner, I urge you to share you thoughts on this post. The reason I started this blog was because I couldn't believe that something as simple, elegant, and profound as flower essences had existed all along and I only found them 15 years into my self-healing, self-development journey! I wanted to give people the shortcut. Why wait for years to discover this when you can have flower essences to accelerate your journey right now? So many others who have been using flower essences for a while have shared stories of their life transformations through flower essences. If you have never posted a comment before, I ask you now to share your success stories about flower essences. It's only through reading enthusiastic testimonials from others that I was convinced I wanted to try different flower essences, and I'm resisting saying the rest is history (see previous post about this). What I can say is that I have manifested an amazing soul-mate relationship, wonderful friendships, a great living space, exciting activities and groups, more abundance, daily synchronicity, and a deep sense of peace and gratitude that permeates the very fiber of my being. If I can play even a minuscule part in your success by providing you information that could help transform your life, then I'm honored to be able to do so.

If you want to read some testimonials to get inspired, I recommend the book Bach Flower Remedies to the Rescue by Gregory Vlamis.

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