Friday, August 30, 2013

Ready to bring your talents into the world?

If you have been striving and struggling trying to get your talents out into the world with no results, you might be feeling powerless. Here are a few flower essences to help you take back your power and bring out latent talents. Desert Marigold flower essence from Desert Alchemy is helpful when you need to take responsibility for owning your power and leaving behind victim consciousness. If you suffered from a childhood of feeling powerless and continued to attract that sense of victimhood into your adult life, Desert Marigold flower essence can strengthen your solar plexus chakra and help you understand what it feels like to live your life from a place of empowerment. The more personal power and responsibility you are able to take, the less you will feel like life is pushing you around and that you are at the mercy of forces outside of yourself.

Once you are able to gain a sense of personal power, you may want to take Agave flower essence from Desert Alchemy to bring out your mastery into physical manifestation. If you have been doing a lot of inner work and are ready to see results in physical form, Agave can help you express your inner strength and talents.

For many people who have put in a lot of effort in life but just aren't seeing results, there are most likely blocks that are keeping your efforts from manifesting success. These blocks can fear of success, fear of taking calculated risks, holding back your true gifts, and more. These flower essences help you bolster your power and help you align your efforts with manifesting success on the physical plane.

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